Network of trained and cleared substitutes for child care providers

Launching June 2021. Reserve your spot to get early access to our background checked and trained team of substitutes. The $99 will go towards your first Upkid Substitute and is fully refundable. You will also get 20% off of your first booking.

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Background Checks & State Training

All of our substitute teachers are already background checked and have completed the 2.5 hours of required pre-service training from state licensing. Upkid maintains the training for our staff throughout the year so that you don't have to worry.

Less Paperwork

Though essential, paperwork can be a headache and just one more thing on your plate. By using Upkid for substitutes, we will maintain all of the paperwork, trainings, and hours/days worked.

Last Minute or Months Ahead

Reserve a substitute months before your big vacation or even if an emergency came up and you need someone this morning. We work with both every type of child care provider, preschool, after-school programs, care centers, or even family licensed programs.

How does it work?

Request a substitute on our website or through our app (coming soon). Add details about your need including day(s), time, and skill level required.

Our substitutes will "Apply" to your request and you will have multiple substitutes to choose from.

Select your substitute and reserve them for that day. This is where you can send them any additional information or training for your program.

Child care providers are the unsung heroes of our nation. Our goal is to support them so they can continue to do the important work of caring for the next generation.

Reserve Your Spot

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